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Over the weekend, it was reported that cyber criminals had stolen up to $1 billion from banks. Kaspersky Labs discovered that the attacks date back two years and that as many as 100 banks may have been affected, along with e-payment systems and other organizations across 30 countries. Commenting on this, Martin Lee, cyber-crime manager at Alert Logic, says:


Are You kidding me?  This has been happening for two years?  How cn we learn from these attacks?


Read more of our comments regarding this Banking Breach

Anthem is just the latest victim, Sony slightly before them, in a growing series of hacks against brand name organizations including Target, UPS and Home Depot. These events underscore the damaging consequences of the unintended release of corporate information, as well as the negative impact on employees, partners and ultimately, customers.


Data Security is required for businesses today; not just the Fortune 500, but also for small businesses. The data you have stored locally, in emails or on a device somewhere, how safe is it?  Do you know if it is truly secured?  What details could you provide the FBI or local authorities if you received the dreaded call "...you have a breach..."?  Have you asked yourself; "how secure is the data I am entrusted with?"


My wife recently receieved an email from her company regarding the Anthem breach which has motivated me to write this article.  But before I talk about this latest breach and how it may affect you; let's but this breach into perspective -- beacuse it is NOT like any of the other breaches (e.g. Target, Global Payment, Verizon, etc).


Associated Press reports:

Detroit says a recent computer security breach affected files that contained personal identifying information of a large number of city employees.

Two UPMC McKeesport Hospital employees have sued their employer, claiming the hospital and corporate parent failed to protect the personal security information of its workers.

More than 50 employees at the University of Northern Iowa may have had their identities stolen.

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