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We know that you don’t have the time to learn a new desktop platform and just can’t take time away from your day-to-day work to figure out a Hosted Desktop or Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution. That is why we have developed a proprietary DaaS design (called UCclouds’s EliteDesk)which ensures the same functionality as your local desktops except they are faster, more secure and more reliable. Below are 10 reasons why businesses choose us as their DaaS provider.


  1. Fully Customizable Hosted Desktop
  2. UCN Technology
  3. Level 4 Security
  4. Flat-Rate Pricing
  5. A Dedicated Team of Experts
  6. Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
  7. Multiple State-of-the-Art Data Centers
  8. Scalable Infrastructures
  9. Eco-Friendly (Green) Technology
  10. Easy Migration


1.  Fully Customizable Hosted Desktop

UCclouds customizes all of our solutions to fit your business, not the other way  around.  We offer everything from basic web hosting to complete infrastructure hosting, and everything in between, so that you can have total control over your solution. We can also tailor your solution to the number of users you need; security features you require; the applications we deploy; the amount of RAM, CPU, and storage space; and just about anything else you can think of.

2.  UCN Technology

UCclouds’s EliteDesk include UCN Technology,  our own unique combination of technologies, protocols, and best practices developed by our engineers in order to deliver the fastest, most reliable hosted solutions available on the market. This innovative feature lets our clients access their desktops and launch their applications from any device in as little as one second.

3.  IT Security

UCclouds has developed a distinct approach to security that we call IT Security Protection Suite. This feature allows us to guarantee the highest levels of protection for your hosted infrastructures and data. This innovative approach includes four levels of security: physical & environmental security (state-of-the-art security features and environmental protection systems at our Tier 3 data centers); logical & system security (network firewalls, patch management, anti-virus, and content filtering); PROactive Management Suite (security monitoring & managment); and Data Protection Suite (fully managed,  offsite backups to ensure your data is not lost in the event of an emergency).

4.  Flat-Rate Pricing

While the pay-as-you-go method employed by other hosted solutions providers may work for small-scale or short-term hosting, a flat-rate pricing model is much more practical for businesses that plan on hosting their infrastructures or data for long periods of time. That is because our monthly fixed rates allow for better predictability; when you pay as you go, you risk overage fees and other charges that you may not have budgeted for, whereas a monthly fee allows you to plan your budget. Additionally, our flat fees are all-inclusive, allow for better customization of your solution, and increase employee productivity.

5.  A Dedicated Team of Experts

UCclouds’s EliteDesk include support from a dedicated team of experts. Our technicians can help you with your infrastructure every step of the way, offering design & implementation services; system monitoring & maintenance; and around-the-clock, comprehensive technical support. Our team is the best in the industry with years of experience, numerous industry certifications, and the training and skills necessary to handle even the most complex IT issues.

6.  Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Business continuity is essential to running a company; that is why UCclouds provides daily automated  backups of your data. Your data is stored offsite in our data centers so that you can access it anytime, even in the event of a disaster (from a fire or flood to a power outage to a hacking attempt). We promise an RPO (recovery point objective) as low as one hours and an RTO (recovery time objective) as low as 15 minutes. In addition to regular data backups, we provide other disaster recovery features such as daily server snapshots, SAN storage arrays, and disaster-proof, geographically-separated data centers.

7.  State-of-the-art Data Centers

UCclouds houses all of our clients’ solutions on servers in three state-of-the-art data centers around the country (Atlanta, GA, Seattle, WA and Dallas, TX). All of our Tier 3 data centers feature advanced security measures (e.g. biometric palm readers and closed-circuit video monitoring), cutting-edge environmental controls (e.g. fire suppression, cooling systems, and HVAC), and a 100% uptime guarantee.

8.  Scalable Infrastructure

All of our hosted solutions are highly scalable. Scalability is the feature of cloud computing that allows your infrastructure to be enlarged or shrunk while still retaining the same basic composition and proportions. UCclouds can add users, storage, or processing power without any disruption to your infrastructure’s functions.

9. Eco-Friendly (Green) Technology

Cloud computing is a great way for businesses to be more eco-friendly. Our hosted solutions are more “green” than an on-site IT infrastructure because they 1) maximize IT resources (leading to a more efficient use of energy and decreased waste); 2) enhance mobility, thereby decreasing vehicle emissions; and 3) have a cleaner energy source.

10.  Easy Migration

When you sign up with UCclouds, our dedicated team of experts can seamlessly transfer your business’s important files, applications, and data to your company’s private cloud for a small fee. Even during the migration process, you will not experience any downtime or slowdowns that can affect your employees’ productivity or your business’s day-to-day operations; all of your data and programs will remain available to you so it can be business as usual.


At UCclouds, we are dedicated to making sure our cloud computing and hosted solutions are at the forefront of the industry. That is why we equip them with unique features that make them stand apart from the rest.

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Secure Cloud Hosting

UCclouds provides secure cloud hosting without sacrificing the redundancy and speed you would expect from an enterprise managed cloud hosting provider. If you're searching for a HIPAA Compliant Hosting or a PCI Hosting solution, look no further than UCclouds. Our secure managed hosting HIPAA and PCI solutions are compliant ready. Rely on UCclouds as your secure cloud hosting provider.

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